Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Small Group

We had our 5th meeting last evening of the Seward UMC Small Group that is studying "Parables from the Back Side". This Nativity Scene graces Bruce and Sue's sun room and added to the Meaning of the Season" as we enjoyed a Christmas Soup Supper at their house. There are 12 of us who normally enjoy a period of fellowship, watch J. Ellsworth Kalas discuss his lesson of the day, and then all participate in a lively discussion period at our by-weekly meetings. "The Course of Study" is interesting and the hospitality and leadership ability of Bruce and Sue cannot be overestimated. They both have excellent credentials as long time teachers and consulars and continue to be involved in Youth Education,  Mission programs, CASA, etc. Our group is interesting in our diversity of ages, professions, and interest, yet we have the common tie with the Church. Though we have know Bruce and Sue for 25 years, and may have recognized some of the others in Church, we really didn't know them well enough to call them by name. I am a firm believer that even in a small community such as ours, a lot can be gained by using the Small Group approach to foster fellowship and promote good will within a community. In addition, we have fun and go home feeling better than when we came.

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