Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eleven Days till Christmas

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our Christmas tree is in place with colored lights shining brightly and especially the one held by the angel at the top of the tree. Candles are glowing in our living room windows that face the street and hopefully the weather will enable me to get a few lights outside on the front porch railing. Our Christmas letter has been written, some cards addressed and mailed, and more in the process. I personally feel that just hearing from people at Christmas time is important. How or by what medium we hear from them is secondary. If they want to tell us all about what the Grand kids are doing, that's O.K. or if they just write a few words on a Christmas card or note pad, that's alright too. Occasionally we will receive a beautiful card with the senders name printed on it which I think is a waste of money but it's still O.K.; at least they remembered us at this time of year when we feel closest to those old friends, former co-workers and relatives whom we don't hear from very often. I may even send out our Christmas letter as an attachment to an email and hope it doesn't offend any one but I want them to know that we remembered them and associated them with a pleasant memory.  We have enjoyed two performances by the Seward High School Show Choir recently. Their Director, Leslie Stratton has the ability to bring the best out of these kids. They are really good.

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