Thursday, December 29, 2011

Affectionate Treatment

First of all, I need to tell you that Elaine was with me and took this picture. I thought it should be recorded because it's been a long time since a young blond lady has put her arms around me as affectionately as is shown. It certainly helped take my mind off the stinging of the water being sprayed against my ear drum by the nurse. My appointment was for Dr. Van to look at my left knee that has given me some problems lately. A cartilage was removed from it many years ago and x-rays showed some fragments in the joint. He gave me a shot of cortisone but it didn't seem to help. Following an aggressive self administered Ben Gay message and heat pad treatment I felt a lump which I thought may warrant a Dr.'s visit. He promptly dismissed it as a Baker's Cyst which has since nearly disappeared. His examination also revealed a wax buildup in my ears which prompted the above scene. My knee felt better today than anytime in the past 3 weeks and I believe I can play golf again. I might have even tried it today except for seeing the Seward HS Girls beat Ralston 89-29  in a York tournament (#82 consecutive win). I may play golf tomorrow, and I may go back next week to have my ears irrigated again, or whatever. It doesn't take much to make an Old Man Happy

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  1. Amazing! I just had my ears irrigated a week ago today - after being done the day before Thanksgiving! The Dr. ENT specialist, says I have very narrow ear canals and the cyst he saw Nov. 22 had dissolved so he didn't have to surgically remove it! That was good news! So he gave me a prescription for some ointment to put in my ears after my daily shower - as the dry skin & wax builds up quickly. I also got a cortisone shot in my knee about 6 weeks ago and now have no problem at all - it is amazing what that does! I also found that my new computer chair makes alot of difference which may have had alot to do with it. I remember many years ago a Dr. told me that about my back - after terrible back pain - it went away during Christmas vacation - he said to check the position of my office space at school - and sure enough - we were changing into computers and I was twisting from the typewriter to the computer without the proper height. So that is what prompted me to get a new computer chair!