Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The extent of our outdoor Christmas decorating has been reduced over the years as climbing on a ladder became more treacherous. Time was that we went all out with lights strung all along the roof top facing the street. A couple years ago I was the high bidder on a bunch of Christmas decorations and strings of lights at an auction. (They sell pretty cheap in the summer). I strung those pretty red lights in the barberry bushes that we have in front of our porch. And, had to run an extension cord from the plug-in at the house across the opening where Elaine is standing to get to the bushes. All was well and beautiful until the paper boy came early the next morning and cut across to deliver the neighbors paper. He not only tripped and fell in the snow but ruined a couple sets of lights in the process. Since then we have limited our outdoor lighting to what you see in the picture.
That is until this year. I got the outdoor Christmas stuff down from the attic a couple weeks ago and planned to put them up last Sunday when the temperature got up into the 50's. However, I went to the Nebraska Girls basketball game instead. This week has been cold and is expected to stay that way. This morning  Elaine and I went to the second funeral of dear friends during the past two days.  I told Elaine that when we got back home, I was definitely going to put up our outside lights. She was somewhat surprised when I was back in the house a few minutes later with the task completed. Just another example of the compromises one must make as you grow older if you hope to stay healthy and avoid possible accidents.

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