Monday, October 10, 2011

Wooden Heart

I had a post last week about a baseball game in Kansas City back in the summer of 1961. It included a picture of Elaine and the four kids. On our way home we stopped at Falls City for supper. Son Tim says he remembered going into the small town restaurant that had a juke box on which we played the song, "Wooden Heart". I had completely forgotten about stopping at Falls City, which was confirmed in my Diary, but also about the song. I was able to Google Wooden Heart and remembered once I heard Elvis sing it. Several neat posts that came my way recently have included YouTube inserts. Carolyn showed me how to do it this evening. That bit of information followed a delicious roast beef dinner that Ben had prepared and a tour of Carolyn's projects. It was a good evening. We were well fed and learned something.

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