Friday, October 21, 2011

The Last Rose of Summer

Our last rose of summer was in all it's glory a few days ago but it's "time to shine" was fleeting as winter approaches. It got down to 31 degrees Wednesday morning and 23 the next morning which did-in our Impatience, Hydrangea, Black Eyed Susan vine, Tomato plants, etc. It also brought down many leaves from the trees. We didn't have a very good crop of Tomatoes this year and our Petunia plants around the rose bush were a failure. We have a Lawn Care service apply fertilizer and chemical to our lawn which may have adversely affected some things. Plus, I catch all the grass and leaf clippings, compost them, and later apply the compost to the garden areas. I was not aware of this danger until we lost a snowball bush last spring that I had mulched heavily with what I thought was excellent compost. I was then warned of this possible hazard by my PhD Agronomist Brother-in-Law. It appears that the rose bush is much more tolerant to such adverse reactions than our Petunias and Tomatoes. We live and learn but as the old expression goes: "We get too soon old and too late smart".

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