Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Fall Color

Our trees in Seward have been beautiful this fall. This was taken a couple days ago on North 5th Street on my way in from the golf course. The clouds were nice that day too. I take a different route home each day that I might see trees that I've not seen in their full color. At one time Seward was acknowledged as a "Tree City USA". I have often thought of making a picture collection of "specimen" trees in the city. It would be a great project. Concordia University is part of the State Wide Arboretum and has many trees labeled. My interest in trees goes back to my boyhood helping Dad cut wood for the heating stove as well as to use in the cook stove. He knew the name of every tree that grew on our farm and passed that knowledge on to us kids. During the '50's I was involved with Nebraska Nurseries and planted many trees in Seward along with other landscaping materials. Many of those trees are still here and I continue to "pay them homage" as I drive by. I may have made a few dollars at the time of planting them but have had countless pleasure in admiring them over the years.

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