Wednesday, October 26, 2011

50 Years Ago

This picture is dated August 1961 and was taken by Mother at their farm home east of Seward. We had come out from Lincoln to go to Church with the folks and for Mother's birthday dinner with them and Souceks. We then had supper with Elaine's folks in Seward. I had just entered a 1-year Administrative Trainee program and all knew we would be moving out-of-state at the completion of the program. The Kids were all in Pershing Elementary and Elaine and I were taking courses at UN-L. I had accumulated some 60 credit hours toward a civil engineering degree but switched over to Business after getting into the training program. We paid for all the tuition as we went along though the cost were much less than today. We now have nine college degrees among us without a student loan for any of them. Today's news that student loans exceed credit card debt and are approaching a trillion dollars makes me realize how fortunate we were. While I wouldn't suggest to anyone that they get their college degrees after having a family to support as I did, there is something to be said for being established in a job or profession that enables you to further pursue your education after you are mature and can better relate to what you are studying. (But I know, things are different today).

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