Monday, October 24, 2011

Senior Golf

This was a great day with temperatures  well into the 70's. Brother Don drove up from Syracuse, NE this morning and we toured the places where Walker relatives lived during our early years. (That will be the subject of a later post.) We went to Kiwanis at noon and then out to the golf course where we met Al, Charlie and Dale. Since we are all over 70, we played the 9-hole course from the yellow tees and had a great time.  Our scores were somewhat reflective of our ages so naturally, being the oldest, I had the highest score of 43. Not being familiar with the course, brother Don had a 42, Dale a 41, Charlie a 39 and Al a 32. Al is probably the best golfer with membership in the Seward Country Club.
He had driven the green on the parr 4, 260 yard, #4 hole and is shown missing an Eagle putt. He went on to Birdie this hole as he had the 3 previous holes. Over the 9 holes, he had 8 birdie putts but settled for parrs and even had a Bogie on #5 like the rest of us except Don who parred the hole. Golf is a great game for Seniors that provides exercise and fellowship. The only competition is with your self and some of us have learned to not take that too seriously. I'll probably play again tomorrow and hope to do better than a 43, but what the heck, thats shooting my age, even if it takes me two days to do it.

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