Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 1962

We had been back to Washington, D.C. for only a few months when Tim wanted to go trick-or-treating as a Nebraska Cornhusker. Back in 1962 the thought of "buying" costumes for the kids to wear never occurred to us. They were all "custom made". My Diary entry for October 30, 1962 included: "We fixed a Halloween costume for Tim. It's like an ear of corn to represent a Nebraska Cornhusker".  The next day I wrote that: "The Kids went Halloweening, we took the little ones around. Everyone got a kick out of Tim's ear of corn". It was made out of cardboard and papier-mache. The yellow kernels of corn were individually drawn with a black magic marker. A couple of us had to help Tim get in the cylinder by lifting it over his head. He had to get his arms through the openings as it came down. Obviously, he couldn't see very well so we had to lead him around. It was a bit of comic relief from the tense Cuban missile crisis that was festering at the time.

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