Friday, October 7, 2011

Elaine, Boys & College

Jon commented on Elaine's attractiveness after yesterdays blog of she and all 4 kits in the outfield of the Kansas City "A" ballpark after getting beat by the Yankees back in 1961. I just happened to come across this very attractive picture of Elaine along with Jon & Tim in 1973. I assume Jon was getting ready to go back to VPI at Blacksburg. Even our old 1965 Chevy Station Wagon looked pretty good. It was fortunate that we were able to get the kids through college when we did. With costs as they are today, I don't know how big families do it.
Elaine & Jon down at Blacksburg with his bike and guitar. It was amazing how much "dorm room stuff" could be hauled in the back end of this station wagon. In fact it had more cargo space than it had tires to carry the excessive weight. On one occasion when we were taking Tim to Duke and Carolyn to Appalachian State at Boone, NC, we blew out a back tire near Richmond, VA. It was necessary to unload much of the "cargo" to get to the spare tire and tools. We didn't even think of having AAA coverage in those days when we really needed it.

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