Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Miss Liberty

This isn't us looking our of the Statue of Liberty's Crown but we were able to do so on July 15, 1973. We left our home in Arlington, VA early on Saturday, July 14th in our Station Wagon along with Tim, Carolyn and Jon. (Verlon was in Charlottesville, VA). We went through the Holland Tunnel, checked in to our Hotel and took the subway out to Yankee Stadium. The Kansas City Royals with John Mayberry leading the way, beat the Yankees 4-2 despite the efforts of Bobby Mercer, Thurmond Munson, Greg Nettles, etc. That evening we took a cab to the Rockefeller Plaza and saw "40 Carrots" and the Rockets. With very little traffic on Sunday, we drove down to Times Square, the UN Headquarters, China Town, Wall Street and took a Ferry over to the Statue of Liberty. We climbed the stairs up to her crown and looked out the windows. Web cams have now been installed in the Statue as part of her 125th birthday celebration. They can be accessed on <>
Incidentally, we drove home that Sunday afternoon those 38 years ago and went to work the next day. It was a great week-end. And, NO, I didn't take this picture.

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