Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre Golf Days

Fortunate are we who have had the pleasure of helping raise at least one Grandchild. Most of us were busy with the work-a-day world when our own children were growing up but with grandchildren, it is a much more relaxed relationship. Julie and I had many happy hours together during her childhood and fortunately, still do. Here we are setting on the tailgate of our old Chevy pickup getting ready to go out to Paul and JoAnn's for a Church fishing contest. Our "catch" was not too plentiful so 32 of us went up to Lou and Mary Ann's in Bee for their Fish Dinner.
September of 1993 was a busy time for us. I took Elaine to a Henry Mancini Concert at the Lied Center for her birthday. We  took Carolyn and Julie to the State Fair, had season tickets for the Nebraska football games, and, visited an "Environmental Camp" near Milford for 6th graders where Ben, Carolyn and Julie were instructors. Elaine and I went to Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island and the Ag Relations Dinner, showed slides from our last fall's China trip to a group in Beaver Crossing, but most of all, got ready to leave later in the month for a 2-week trip to Czechoslovakia and central Europe with brother Don, Gladys and sister Vivian and Eddie. Those were great days. We were retired, young enough to enjoy foreign travel and a lot of daily activity. It was before I heard about a game called "Golf".

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