Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pip & Jack (RIP)

Carolyn and Pip were down to visit a few minutes ago where Pip and I continued to develop our friendship. Though she is a year old, we just haven't bonded to the extent that occurred with Jack. Jack was my friend from the first time we met and for several years, I would pick him up at Carolyn's house after coffee and bring him home to spend the day with us. He was a great companion for Elaine while I was gone golfing, etc. and always welcomed me home like a long lost friend. Carolyn would stop by after school to pick him up so we not only had Jack during the day but also the pleasure of seeing Carolyn every  day. Jack could understand the English language, knew what we were talking about and could communicate his wants and needs to us. He and I had many most pleasant conversations while riding alone in the car. We had a lot to share about this matter of growing old. With the "dog year vs human  ratio" as it is, we were about the "same age" at one time, and then he went on to pass me by. We talked about the aches and pains associated with old age and the fact that we couldn't do a lot of the things we once did. Not once did he ever disagree with me but would sit on my lap, look up at me and whimper as if to agree with everything I said. I don't know if Pip and I will ever reach that level of trust and mutual understanding, after all she is a female, but we are making progress. I hope we can.

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  1. That's nice, Dad! Jack was quite a dog. Great picture of Pip.