Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cardinals vs Rangers

The Texas Rangers have come a long way since Ted Williams was their manager back in the early '70's and I saw him being interviewed in the dugout after losing another game. Though the Rangers got beat 16-7 by the St. Louis Cardinals last night, they are a great team under the leadership of team President Nolan Ryan and Manager Ron Washington. During our years in Washington, D.C. the Washington Senators were a real part of our lives. Admission prices were low and we made it a family event to go to the ballgame. When Bob Short bought the team and took it to Texas in the early 70's it was a real blow. I had an opportunity to see the team during some of my visits to the SCS training Center in Fort Worth during their first years. I never suspected at that time they would ever reach the level of play that was demonstrated by their SS and 2nd baseman in Wednesday nights game. I'm rooting for the Cards but there is a soft spot in my heart for the Rangers.

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