Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Twins grew up.

By just looking at this picture you can feel the close relationship between the "twins", my younger brother and sister. They were involved in a "Better Baby" contest at the Nebraska State Fair when they were about 20 months old. This picture was taken at the Seward County Fair some years ago when all twins from the area were being honored. I was 11 years old, my sister 13 and younger brother 7 when they were born. They were an immediate delight to the family as well as a surprise since twins were not expected. We are still surprised each time we get together and hear stories about things they did as kids that we never heard before. Janice and her husband recently came from California to spend some time with Jerry and his family in Tomah, WI. They had a great time together making many of the old "Czech dishes" that Grandma used to fix. Jerry, Sondra and part of their family came down to Nebraska recently where we got out to the old family farm in the "Bohemian Alps" north of Garland where the twins were born. We all had a great time and heard some of the "growing up" stories for the first time. Twins are a real double blessing and continue to have a relationship that is special.
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