Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rada & Vrana families

This picture was taken at our farm east of Seward on July 4, 1983. The Jimmie Rada family was together for the first time in 25 years. George, Ken, Jim and Phyllis all graduated from Seward High School and the 4th was a popular time for HS reunions. Left-to-right standing: Eddy Soucek, George Rada, Anton Vrana, Florence Vrana, Elaine Vrana, Uncle Jimmie Rada, Jim (Shiml) Rada, Mrs. George (Donna) Rada, Mrs Jim (Pam) Rada. Kneeling: Vivian Soucek, Ken Rada, Mrs Ken (Eileen) Rada, and Phyllis Brierly. The Rada family came from Pennsylvania, California and points in between for the occasion. My Dad (Anton) and Jimmie's wife Tillie (deceased) were brother and sister. The Rada children were all born in Bee where their (and my) Grandma Vrana had a lot to do with their childhood. While we were together frequently “growing up”, we too hadn't seen some of them for many years. Except for Elaine, everyone on the picture is now deceased. A Memorial service was held at the Seward Cemetery this afternoon for Pam who died November 20, 2010.  

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