Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

This is the way the corner of our driveway and the street looked this morning as we went to Church. While there was frost on our deck rail and the neighbors rooftop as we ate breakfast, it didn't seem to hurt any of the plants. What you see is an example of "double-cropping". The tulips come on early and the Peonies will bloom about Memorial Day and show ample foliage all summer. We haven't figured out the little plants at the extreme right side of the picture-we planted what we thought were "Red Hot Pokers" a few years ago and all we have seen are little fuzzy "blooms" that look like dandelion  seed heads.
We had a great Easter Day: Church service with the Hallelujah Chorus concluding the service; Ham dinner with all the trimmings at Carolyn and Ben's along with Julie & John. We went back for supper with a lot of good conversation.
Alex Gordon got a base hit in his 18th consecutive game and I read a couple more chapters in the new book by Kostya Kennedy on the story of Joe DiMaggio hitting safely in 56 consecutive games back in 1941. It was a great day and it's not over yet.

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