Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Chicks

With the temperature in the high 60's under sunny skies, we decided that our winter weather was over. The snowblower was run out of gas and parked where the lawnmower has been for the winter, the hose was brought up from the furnace room, and the radishes and potatoes that have have just come up, were watered. Elaine wanted to go to the Greenhouse to check on plants but when we did, it seemed a bit early (and expensive). We went on to Orscheln's where they have their trees in but not their plants. Our old Finch feeder needed to be taped up as we filled it yesterday so we bought a new one. But the highlight of our excursion was seeing the baby chickens. It was reminiscent of growing up on the farm where 500 baby chicks each spring was standard practice. There was something about the smell of the brooder stove, the fresh straw bedding, and the baby chicks that made for a “Happy Aroma”. It was always a great day when the baby chicks came .  


  1. You weren't tempted to bring some home? Pleaseeeez!

  2. Hey, you qualify for two chickens, right? I vote for you getting some.