Thursday, April 21, 2011

Straining to see the Obvious

I hope that no one has the experience I've had the past few days in trying to find something on the computer only to find it so obvious that you didn't see it. I'm referring to the little abc with a line through it in the Font area of the Home tab in Microsoft Word. I am working on a revision of By-Laws for our local Kiwanis Foundation and needed to use the "strike through" feature to show the words to be removed. Though I had utilized the strike through feature years ago on my old Gateway 2000, I couldn't find it on my HP PC. By studying a "Dummies" book I was able to find that by putting the curser in the Font button it would bring up the Font Display box. This showed that if you hold down the control+shift+f keys, it will bring up a "Font Box" that includes "Strike through". I was pleased with myself for having found that last night. Than at coffee this morning, a friend showed me the obvious way. I didn't believe that feature was on my computer but when I checked it out, there it was. Maybe this is why youngsters are so much more adept with current technology, our mindset is that it must be complicated. Now, someone tell me how to get a "screen shot" on my PC like I cam with my Apple laptop.

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