Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pleasure vs. Pain

I have heard it said that a day when you couldn't play golf, was a day wasted. Today was one of those days when the temperature and the wind would have caused “the pain to exceed the pleasure”. But we didn't exactly waste the day. The Leid Senior Center held its annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon this noon with a good turnout. It is impossible to imagine a community like Seward without the people who volunteer their services. The Senior Center is only one such place, and it goes far beyond. The Fire Department and Rescue Squad are the first that come to mind. We have volunteers at the Library, Schools, and for a wide variety of City related activities. Our Kiwanis Club has volunteers who put up flag poles, deliver means, operate the Back Pack program, work at the Recycle Center, read to Head Start participants, call Bingo at Care facilities, and even sing for various groups. I haven't even mentioned what the Churches do locally with Food Net, etc. But it's who we are, a helping society, and the pleasure of helping others certainly exceeds the pain.

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