Friday, April 15, 2011

Macrame Belt

As my waistline expanded over the years, so has my collection of old belts. I keep them in the “shop” part of the basement since you never know when one or more of them may help solve a problem. When we got our HD TV a couple years ago I used several old belts to strap the big, heavy RCA set to a cart to move it down to the basement. We have even used them to hold old suitcases together when moving. Today I came across the one pictured which was “hand tied” by son Jon when he was in Jr. High and Macrame was all the rage. It is made up of 12 strings knotted together with a beautiful design. He had the foresight to make it a 44 inch belt when I probably had a 36 in waste, suspecting that I may some day need the extra length.  

1 comment:

  1. I remember making that belt and several others. Even attempted to make a macramé lampshade, but don't remember if I was able to finish it or not.

    I think I have one, very similar to the one I gave Dad, upstairs some where. If I find it, I'll take a picture and post it. We can start a macramé thread!