Friday, April 22, 2011


I have always liked flowers. Some of my earliest memories are of gathering violets to put in May baskets to take to friends. When I first heard the name “Flowerday” it struck a cord as a very pretty name. My impression was confirmed when I met a very attractive 16-year old girl by that surname. It was only later that I learned of “Flower” being her nickname in High School which she didn't like since it came from the little skunk in a Walt Disney movie. I never did call her Flower but did call her a lot of other names including “My Girlfriend”, “My Fiancee”, “My Wife”, and even went on to call her Mother as the children came along. Then with grandchildren, she became Grandma. As she sat reading the Smithsonian Magazine yesterday near the Easter Lily that will go up to the Church tonight, she and the “Flower” seemed to compliment each other.

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