Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preserviing Pictures

Sadie is a good eater. She learned very quickly that pureed food is tasty to eat, even without the "seasoning" that we adults would demand. She may be amused some day by looking at this picture. I trust it will be available to her. We heard a report at Kiwanis this noon about concern for protecting and preserving today's digital images for future enjoyment. I have "saved" hundreds of pictures taken since '02 when I got my first digital camera. At the end of each calendar year, I burn them onto a DVD. I trust they will retain their quality for as many years as the 35mm slides that we took with Kodak film 60 years ago. Elaine is pretty apprehensive about not having "hard copy" pictures in an album. We do have some prints made at Walmart, and I do print out collages of selected pictures each year. Elaine had done an excellent job of "building" albums of pictures of our ancestors to accompany her genealogy work. These albums include many black and white photo's that are over 100 years old and in very good condition. Most of them taken in a studio by a professional photographer. While it's easy to get many good pictures at a reasonable cost these days, I hope we don't loose the opportunity to get at least a few "hard copy" pictures that will have a lengthy "life expectancy". 

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