Friday, February 1, 2013

For the Birds

Our bird feeder needed filling again today. The Cardinals, Juncos, Finches, Bluejays and sparrows are the main customers. It did warm up a bit today and it looks like the Groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow indicating another 6 weeks of winter. I have noted in my "scheduler" the dates 90 days hence from the foggy days we've had during January. We will need all the rain we can get in Mid-April if we are to avert another drought year. Weather forecasters are not optimistic. We will need to have part of our front yard reseeded this spring as well as the rest of it needing to be "over seeded". We will probably do more watering this summer than we did last year. I was optimistic that the bluegrass could go dormant and come back but it didn't. I've learned that it takes a bit of water along the way to keep it alive. We did receive our "Gurney's" seed catalogue the other day and Elaine suggested we may want to plant garden instead of grass. We did that one year when we were back in Virginia and had sweetcorn within a few feet of where the buses rumbled by. It did get the ground in shape to plant bluegrass that fall and we reestablished a nice lawn. I don't expect we will try that here in Seward. 

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