Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday

We enjoyed cake, pizza and other treats today at the opening of the new Super Saver Grocery Store in the Fallbrook subdivision. It is a great well planned area that also includes a Concordia University facility and will have a Branch of the Cattle National Bank that will be built this summer. It will be across the street from this new Super Saver. It is about 20 miles from where we live in Seward and on Highway 34 at the North West edge of Lincoln. Many of our 7,000 people that live in Seward work in Lincoln and, there are probably a like number that live in Lincoln and work in Seward. This may become an ideal place for these commuters to buy their groceries, their gasoline and do their banking.
On our way home, we stopped to see Sadie on her 6-month birthday. We brought some treats from the new store to share at their house. Sadie was in good spirits, she got a new highchair and a lot of best wishes. We were in Lincoln for our 9-month check-ups with our Opthomoligist. I had anticipated a new prescription for eye glasses but Dr. Mousolf said it wouldn't help. He was pleased with the condition and health of both Elaine and my eyes. And, recognized that sooner of later, I may need to have cataract surgery and Elaine may need to have her eyelids adjusted. We got appointments to see him again in 9 months. When you get to be our age and get a 9 month "grace period" you feel good about it. He did say that if anything changes, we shouldn't hesitate to get back in touch. That's good news so we celebrated with Sadie and her family. 

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