Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Honoring Abraham Lincoln on his Birthday

Each year, to honor the 16th president’s birth, a group of Nebraska Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War stand vigil at the Lincoln Monument on the grounds of the Nebraska State Capitol. On February 12 this group of hardy souls arrived at dawn to stand guard and honor Abraham Lincoln. This year the group included an individual wearing the green uniform of the United States Sharpshooters and a member dressed in a uniform of the musicians who served the Union during the Civil War, as well as infantry soldiers. As part of the vigil, the Civil War Museum in Nebraska City had a first floor rotunda display of Civil War artifacts, including uniform buttons and bullets found at battlefield locations. It is well that we continue to honor Lincoln as well as George Washington on his February 22 birthday. Since we have adopted "President's Day" much of the emphasis on these leaders has been lost. During my country school days, there were large pictures of both,  and special programs were held on their birthdays to honor them. We learned of Lincoln walking several miles to return a book he had borrowed. And, of Washington confessing to chopping down the cherry tree, so we probably learned more about honesty than we did about the actual individuals. 

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