Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Marian

Marian (Ramsey) Fosler's 85th birthday was celebrated with her family hosting a reception following 10:30 Church this morning. She and Elaine were "secret sisters" in High School even though Marian was  "older". Marian has been an inspiration to many of us with her optimism and faith that always looks at the "bright side" of every issue. Her husband Dale died a couple years ago and she accepted his passing with the comment that "he never wanted to be an old man". In addition to being a Farmer's Wife, Marian owned and operated the Fabric Fair Store in Seward for a number of years. People came from miles around to take sewing lessons, buy fabric, sewing machines, buttons, etc. It was a unique business and very successful because Marian made it that way. She is one of a kind that we need more of. 

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