Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Friendly Undertaker

Here is Elaine visiting with Greg of the Zabka Funeral Home here in Seward. She and Greg have had many conversations over the past couple months.  Elaine was the local contact for the burial of a Cousin who died in California, had no close family and wished to be buried with her parents here in Seward. We have been friends with Greg and Dixie for many years. Greg and I are on a local Board of Directors, in the same Fraternal Organization, and they and we attend the same Church. and are members of the local "Magazine Club" (Seward's oldest social organization) Unfortunately, he belongs to the Rotary Club and I am a Kiwanian. During the 25+ years that we have known them, we watched their 2 little girls grow up, get married and have children. Their Mortuary has an excellent Web site at It provides current information but is also adding archival records. In checking the web site this afternoon, we were saddened  to see that Rick Kilzer, the 62 year old son of Willard and Audrey died this morning. He has been in poor health for a number of years but in our last conversation, Willard was optimistic that Rick's therapy was helping him improve. He and Willard can now join a "Newcomers Club" together. 

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