Friday, May 13, 2011

There are stories in this picture beyond what meets the eye. Elaine received the Climbing Black Eyed Susan for Mothers day. It obviously needed something to climb on if it were to achieve its full glory. I suspect we could have bought a nice trellis but conservative old people don't spend money if they have things “in their inventory” that will “fill the bill”. Auctions are a great source of “supplies”. A roll of chicken wire was purchased at one a few years ago to keep cats out of the back yard and 6 feet of it makes an excellent “rack” for climbing vines. Elaine was pleased to be the high bidder on a “Linch pin” at a farm auction 25 years ago when we still had the farm. She was so pleased to have bought it for me that I have kept it in the garage all these years, not knowing how it could ever be used. It made an ideal “base” for the chicken wire “rack”. The top of the rack was secured to the clothesline crossbar with some “electric fence” wire that we brought in from the farm. So, we are not only watching the vine begin to climb, we are taking satisfaction in our handiwork.

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