Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Boys

Mother took this picture of Jerry, Don and I on December 26, 1963. While it's a nice picture of the 3 of us, like many old pictures, the things that show on the periphery are also interesting. We had driven back from Arlington, VA and as was customary, we had Christmas dinner with Elaine's folks one day and mine the next. When this picture was taken, we had apparently finished dinner, probably had our pie and coffee and were eating chocolates and cracking nuts. The Folks' barn had burned that fall taking many of Dad's tools and the hammer in the picture is obviously a new one. The picture on the window sill behind Jerry appears to be of Don & Gladys' girls. I suspect that the basket hides kolaches wrapped up in a towel. The coffee pot was still on the table and we all used cream and sugar in our coffee those days. Jon played his Ukulele later in the afternoon and Terry his guitar. Don and Jackie also stopped by. We left for home at noon the next day and drove the 1,275 miles straight through to get home in 21 ½ hours. Tim scored 24 points in a Jr. High basketball tournament the next day.  

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