Sunday, May 8, 2011

57 Years+ X=85

Our daughter, along with two other teachers from the Seward school system, were honored at a retirement dinner Friday evening. While none of them seem old enough to retire, the system provides that opportunity when they reach the magic “85”. That is achieved with a combination of age and years of service. Ben has always had a unique sense of humor and a way with words. He does crossword puzzles in ink and in a matter of minutes. But most people are not that familiar with Carolyn's wit. She demonstrated it very well the other evening and was partially “set-up” by her Principal reading the “self evaluation” that Carolyn had filled out in jest. She even acknowledged that she had inherited the family gene that causes us to “say what we think” without always recognizing the consequence. We were proud and pleased with everything she said and has been a pleasure to us over the years. Her “Sunny” disposition dates back to an early age as is shown in this picture with her two older brothers.  

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