Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy birthday Terry

The date of May 10th has always had some special significance in our family. My early farm boy memories are that it was the “frost free date” and the time to start planting corn. My sister Vivian and Eddy got married on May 10th and four years later had a 6 pound, 3 ounce son on that date. The picture was taken when they stopped by our house while on their way home from the hospital. There is something about a new baby that brings out the look of pride in the Father and  loving kindness in the Mother. Over the Years a number of personally important events have occurred on May 10th.  They include: Oak Grove school picnic; singing, “Now the Day is Over” at HS graduation; Trains running on the new tracks in Seward (’52); Elaine home from a Appendicitis operation (’59); Buying Tim a $20.00 bike from Marty Jacobson(’62); Speaking at a NY State all SCS employee’s meeting on the program with Harry Golden(Washington Post Columnist) (’76); a Flea Market sale along with Mel & Marilyn (’80); Preparing the ground for our final farm crop (’88); Participating in a Soils meeting at Purdue U. (’91); Julie graduated with Distinction from UN-L (’03); The wind blowing the Ash tree over on to the house (’04) as we were leaving to drive back east. But on this date, we wish Terry a most Happy Birthday and many more.

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