Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Old Crow on the Move (Post)

The old Crow that Carolyn bought for me at the local Et-Cetera store this past Christmas moved out doors today. I had just started my "Crow's Nest" Blog page and it was very appropriate gift. It has enjoyed the winter inside the house to the amusement and shock to some of the house guests. It was time for it to go outside but "where" became the question. We have a variety of birds that make our backyard there home as well as the travelers that just stop by to eat. We didn't want this large black plastic crow to serve as a scarecrow. The front of our house already has a big old black "butcher kettle" planted with flowers, shrubs, more flowers, as well as a porch with black wrought iron furniture. It was feared that the addition of the crow might give the place the appearance of  being a little tacky. So we found the "middle ground" on the south side of the house on top of the backyard fence post. "Caw, Caw"

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