Monday, May 2, 2011

Coffee Seminar

Osama bin Laden having been “taken out”, the history of al-Qaida, and the Taliban was the subject of discussion at our coffee group this morning. It was probably the subject of “coffee groups” throughout the world. We had heard the President's message last night, read the morning papers, and watched the TV and Internet coverage. We are also old enough to have some first-hand knowledge of the evolving world situation. Our discussion this morning (and many mornings) was elevated to a higher level with the presence of Dr. Robert Fiala, a retired History Professor from Concordia University. Bob has traveled extensively, has had foreign teaching assignments in China and elsewhere, and a student of world events since WW II and the establishment of Israel. Some of us are very fortunate to be able to participate in such a Seminar while drinking coffee and eating a chocolate cupcake.  

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