Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ingenuity of a Professional Handyman

There may be only one person in addition to Elaine and I who can relate to this picture. That person is my brother-in-law Larry who is a “professional handyman”. We had been having trouble with one of our toilet stools while he and my sister Janice were visiting us some years ago. It seemed that the “stopper” would flip back to far when flushed and water would continue to run. Larry ingeniously cut a piece of metal out of a soda can and wired it in place to solve the problem. Corrosion ate away at the material and about 3 years ago, I replaced it. It “went bad” again the other day but having learned a long time ago that you never do any plumbing over a Holiday weekend, I waited until this evening to work on it. I also needed to do something productive today in addition to going to coffee, to Kiwanis, grocery shopping and playing 18 holes of golf. I gave some thought to seeing if we could get by until Janice and Larry come this summer but will probably have other “handyman” items on the list when they get here.

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