Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Age & Golfing

Dad would have been 89 years of age at the time this picture was taken back in the summer of 1986. Mother is enjoying the smell of new mowed grass from the back porch. I noticed this picture after coming in from having played one of my worst rounds of golf of the season.  It made me think that Dad was in better shape at my age than I am. The course was crowded today and Charlie and I played the last 2 holes with Kathy and Mary who were ahead of us as we waited. These are not young ladies but talked of celebrating 43 and 41 wedding anniversaries this summer. On these 2 holes the red and yellow tees are on the same tee box and I must admit they outplayed us. It does make one wonder how much longer a fellow should keep on playing the game but it does give me a lot of exercise. Charlie is a good companion and normally we don't have to play with ladies.

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