Friday, May 6, 2011

More than meets the eye

On Sunday, March 5, 1950 we had gone to Church where I sang with the Quartet; then out to my folks for dinner along with Vivian and Eddy from Garrison, NE, and Gladys (Don's girlfriend). The folks were pleased to have Don and the twins, Janice and Jerry at home with them after Vivian and I having gotten married during the preceding year. We had recently been out to tell them of their up-coming Grandparent status. Janice and Jerry would have been in the 8th grade of country school. (Does anyone remember the dog's name??). After taking this picture, (I took this one and Don took one with me on it) we all went over to the home place to “see about remodeling the house” as a place for Don & Gladys to live after getting married. It was determined that the old cow barn would be torn down to salvage some lumber for the project. On March 25th, “I took Elaine to work and went out to help finish tearing down the old barn. We borrowed Paul Wagenknecht's tractor, a cable, and kinda tore it down in sections. Pulled a lot of nails and piled the lumber. Vivian and Janice brought dinner over.” It was truly a “family event”. Ah, the good old days.  

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