Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Presidential Inaugurations

We had the TV tuned to the Inauguration much of the day yesterday. The President's message is always an important indicator of his priorities, but to me, the noon luncheon was most enjoyable. It was really heartening to see the camaraderie between individuals who see political issues with opposite perspective. I also enjoyed the informality shown by the 1st Family in this picture and their activities during the parade. We had the pleasure of viewing several inaugural parades during our years in the D. C. area but they were always over before it got dark. After President Obama's first inauguration, I utilized Wikipedia, my Journals, Diaries and memory to write a 30 page paper on "My Presidents: Their Times, Our Times, Their Election & Their Inauguration." I started the paper by telling of having been born during the Calvin Coolidge administration and my memories of the 1932 election. Dad was a member of the National Guard and the folks talked about the possibility of a national insurrection if Hoover was reelected. Today, I started adding another Chapter to "My Presidents" which will be the 22nd. 

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