Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Birthday Potaoes

Growing up on the farm during the drought and depression of the '30's, it was always a challenge to have new potatoes, fresh creamed peas and fried chicken for my birthday on June 25th. My Brother Don remembered those days and this is what he brought to me when we celebrated my birthday this past week. We had food left over from our company so it was this evening that Elaine fixed the "Don potatoes", store bought frozen peas which she creamed and hamburger. We finished the White  Coconut cake yesterday and our German Chocolate cake this evening. Don told of having only a few hills of potatoes and this is the product of two of them. This is the first year in several that we didn't plant any so his gift really kept the tradition alive. I feel like we have celebrated my birthday all week long and have enjoyed every minute of it. I've even reread my birthday cards 2 or 3 times. We also went down to Meyer Ford/GM this morning and had a door key made for our '92 LaSabre. I even looked forward to checking out the new Buicks  in the GM showroom and instead they had a restored '55 Chevy. I wondered why Doug didn't even try to sell me a new one and realized he knew me well enough to know that I wouldn't spend a couple bucks getting a new door key made if I even had any thoughts of trading cars.

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