Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cousins Get Together

We continue to enjoy Janice and Larry's visit from California and shared them today with other Vrana Cousins and spouses. My cousins (On Dad's side) have always been pretty close and continue to be so. Pat (back row, right end) facilitates a "Cousin's Newsletter" every couple months. We try to have a full fledged cousins reunion every couple years. This is really a "spin off" from annual reunions that our parents and Grandparents enjoyed. We are getting a few of the next generation involved and hope for more . We shared many family stories today that would be an interesting part of family history. There has been some discussion of a "Family Book" but it has never materialized. Several of us have done some writing and maybe we should see if we might each contribute a chapter. As 3rd generation Americans, we might be able to share some stories that would be of interest someday to our Great Grandchildren. 

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