Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow in May

We woke up  this morning with a covering of snow on the ground. It looked like about 1" here in Seward but Lincoln and Omaha have both reported nearly 3". Ours is gone this evening but the temperature is to get down into the 20's. We were watching the Kansas City-Tampa Bay baseball game this afternoon when play was halted in the bottom of the 4th because of rain. After an hour or so it turned to snow and many of the players were out taking pictures. It appeared that some of them had never seen snow before. We normally don't do much with eBay this time of year but with our strange weather, we put 3 items on this afternoon. I will get Elaine involved keeping the necessary records in we continue to list things. That along with a garage sale should help us get rid of some of our "stuff". 

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