Monday, March 28, 2011

Windmill & Brothers

Jerry, Don, Cindy, Chad, Tanya, Cody and Carly drove up this morning in MaryBeth’s van and I met them out at the old Vrana farm north of Garland. There is no one living in the double-wide house that sets to the west of where our house was. The only remaining landmarks are a walnut tree, elm tree and the old windmill. The creek has been straightened, the old channel filled and much of the wood lot reshaped and now farmed. Other channel work has resulted in the lowering of the creek bed several feet. It is difficult to reconcile the current setting with what we knew 60 years ago. Jerry was pleased to get back out there and show grandchildren Cody and Carly where he was born 74+ years ago. The kids got down to the creek and were about as fascinated with it as all of us were years ago.  It was flowing a nice stream of about 2 cfs this morning. We then drove up the Ridge Road, toured Garland, and, saw the farm pond where Jerry told of having submerged a boat which he suspects is still there. We went past the “Blue Ridge Farm” that Elaine and I owned at one time and stopped at the place where the folks moved when Jerry and Janice were between their sophomore and junior years in High School. The old house is in sad condition so after taking some pictures, came on in to Seward. Elaine and Julie had a good broasted chicken dinner ready which we all enjoyed. But enjoyed even more, the stories told and the memories rekindled. Jerry told of how he and Mother would butcher chickens and couldn’t keep up filling orders from people here in Seward. Don told of helping Dad take a triple level wagon box ricked full of wood to someone in Garland and getting only three dollars for it. Jerry said they got four dollars apiece for the dressed chickens. The value of a dollar changed quite a bit between the ‘30’s and the ‘50’s plus Mother was always a better sales person than Dad.  I won’t even mention Jerry’s story that involved a goat and Concordia girls dormitory. Many stories, great memories and after driving out past the family plots at the North Cemetery and other points of interest here in Seward, they headed back to Syracuse. It was a great visit.

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