Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Memories

By most standards, this picture should have been “deleted”. But it is an excellent example of how much interesting information can be gleaned from beyond the focus of the picture. Had this picture been cropped, it might have only been a picture of Janice who was able to walk when she was 10 months old. But a closer look into the background shows the big block of wood and a split block serving as steps into the old wash house. The pump next to the wash house was for one of 2 shallow wells that we had on the farm. I have no memory of the platform for the pump being that “rickey” nor of it being supported by rocks. The big washtub on the pump platform was used as the Saturday night bathtub. Even the scattered planks do not fit my memory of a route to the well and wash house when it was muddy. We have a remarkable ability to modify our memories for the better, and thankfully, the picture of the cute little girl was reason enough to keep the picture among our family treasurers.  

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