Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tim. The weather in Nebraska this morning is much  better than the morning you were born some years ago. We only lived a few blocks from the Hospital but it was near zero, snow covered the streets, our old car sat outside and when Mother said it was time to go--the car wouldn't start. I got out the sled and was prepared to take her that way when I made a final effort to start the car. I had put a teakettle of hot water under the hood and it "fired-up". She wasn't there long before you were born. You look like a "Major League" baseball player in this picture and will always be a Major League Son.


  1. Happy Birthday Tim!!! Enjoy your day!
    Love, Aunt Janie, Uncle Larry & Cousin Gary

  2. Happy, happy Birthday Tim! Hope you have a great day:-)

  3. Happy Birthday Tim from Mom & Dad