Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estate Auctions

Household auctions in a small town are a social event. They provide an opportunity to visit with old friends, meet new ones and even get a bargain occasionally. I have always tried to buy something at estate auctions of old friends as a way of continuing their memory each time I use the item. Scooping snow with a shovel that I have from a good friend brings back the many times we played baseball against each other and how we laid-out terraces together in our Soil Conservation work. This morning my daughter and I went to the Berger estate auction during the “viewing” period. With the temperatures in the low 40’s, we didn’t stay for the auction to begin but we did do a lot of visiting. Much of the stuff was what Mrs. Berger had collected over the years. I had the pleasure of telling the Berger daughter how much I appreciated her Dad and the inspiration he had on my learning computer skills. He was knowledgable and interested in a wide variety of subjects. He died in his late 80’s as I recall but he never grew old, he was always “Young at Heart”. A good Model.

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