Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Front Porches & Memories

There is a lot to be said for front porches. They can be a vital component in making a house a home. This front porch was just the right height for setting on to open the mail, or for a million other uses. I remember setting on this front porch with Dad and Uncle Clarence as we were preparing to move to Washington, D. C. Uncle Clarence told me that Nebraska roots gave anyone an advantage in D.C. and that I should do well. It seems that things could be said out on the porch that wouldn’t have been proper in the house. Yet, it demanded more dignified language than the barnyard. I suspect many a maiden received a good-night kiss on a front porch, maybe even this porch and I’m thinking about my little sister. We visited this old porch yesterday as part of our tour. But like memories that fade with time, old porches need to be refurbished and refreshed. Occasionally they even need to be rebuilt and  embellished.  

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