Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grocery shopping Social

It was an uneventful day in Seward, Nebraska with the temperatures in the high 40’s under cloudy skies and a wind chill of 37. Golf was not on the agenda but Wednesday is Senior Citizen day at the local Pac n Save grocery store. In a small town like Seward, grocery buying is a social event. After picking out our week’s supply of Braburn apples on sale for 79 cents/pound, we meet Bernard and his wife from Bee. I hadn’t seen them for some time so had a good visit about the Bee auction this weekend and how fast time flies. I remember going to their wedding dance over 60 years ago. Then as we continued to shop for sale items and the necessities we noticed another older couple and had to look twice since we hadn’t seen them together before. The lady is Elaine’s first cousin who lost her husband some time ago after his having spent several years in a care facility. The fellow lost his wife a couple years ago following a time in a care facility and several years of his loving care for her at home. I have known him since playing town-team basketball against each other some 60 years ago. We chatted a bit about my not having seen him at the golf course yet this spring but he didn’t say why he hadn’t been out. I told him about the number of trees that had to be removed from the course and he asked about the Club management. He is a good golfer and expects to get out one of these days. They both seem to have a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eyes like I hadn’t seen in a number of years. On the way home, Elaine and I talked about how pleased we were to see old friends appearing to have “new life” after all they have been through, but we are certain that neither of us will ever be in that situation.

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