Saturday, February 26, 2011

Washington Cathedral Carillon

We had the priveledge of visiting the Washington Cathedral during the time the bells for the carillon were being installed. The carillon consists of 53 bells which were cast in Lounghborough, England. They were installed during the early 1960's and dedicated on September 22, 1963. The smallest bell of the carillon weighs 17 pounds. The largest weighs 24,000 pounds, or 12 tons, and measures eight feet, eight inches in diameter. The carillon is played via a keyboard and pedals, situated high in the Cathedral’s central tower (150 feet above the nave floor) and directly amid the bells. The keyboard controls a mechanical tracker system (similar to a tracker organ) that uses transmission wires to move the clappers. The bells remain stationary while a metal clapper strikes the inside of the casting.

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  1. I wish I remembered those bells, Dad! I do remember that I loved to visit there--I loved everything about the place, especially the gardens and chapels.