Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is a follow up to yesterday's page and shows the family as the Kennedy cortege had moved on into Arlington Cemetery and we were walking back to our vehicle. The facial expressions partially show the emotion of the time. (Carolyn was caught in the middle of a sneeze). Did you notice that Jon has on a white shirt and a necktie. He didn't have school that day but “dressed up” to go down to the west end of Memorial Bridge to see the Cortege. I'm sure we as parents didn't “require” it but he did it on his own out of Respect. This may sound foreign in todays world but 50 years ago it was recognized that you put on your best clothes out of Respect for Special Occasions, and you acted accordingly. I'm not sure but suspect that Jon still puts on a white shirt and tie when he teaches his Sunday School class in Virginia. It may not be necessary but it isn't all bad either. We could use more Respect in the world today.  

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